Prospective Transfer Student

Understanding how credits transfer to OSU

Once you are admitted and have confirmed your enrollment at OSU, we will complete an Advanced Standing Report, which is OSU’s official evaluation of any transfer credits submitted during the admissions process. You will be notified that this evaluation has been done via email.  Keep in mind that we must have all official transcripts from institutions you have attended before this work can be done.

While we do not officially evaluate transfer credits until you have confirmed your enrollment, we do have tools you can use to do this work in advance of our official credit evaluation. 

The Advanced Standing Report:  your official transfer credit evaluation at OSU

The Advanced Standing Report is OSU's official evaluation of any transfer credits submitted by you in the admissions process. This is done and provided to you once you have applied, been admitted and indicated your intent to enroll by paying your Advance Tuition Deposit.  The Office of Admissions, with assistance from the academic units, determines the transferability of course work completed at other institutions. The petitions below provide an opportunity for the student and/or academic unit to inquiry changes to the articulation for transfer courses and/or request articulations for courses taken at a college without institutional accreditation.

Doing a self-guided, unofficial evaluation of your transfer credit

Getting started:  Make sure to have transcripts from each college or university you have attended with you for this process.

Start by understanding OSU's academic structure, and the main components of an OSU degree.

Next, determine how your credits transfer.

  • Credits from Oregon Institutions: 
    • For credits from Oregon colleges or universities, you can use our Articulation Tables.  
    • For two year colleges in Oregon and Hawaii, consult our Baccalaureate Core Equivalency Guide for Baccalaureate Core courses only (OSU’s general education requirements).
    • Transfer guides also provide course equivalency information between OSU and Oregon community colleges.
  • Credits from institutions Outside of Oregon
    • Create a transcript of credits by using the Single Course Search Tool.
    • Transfer credit / "Pass" grading:  OSU will transfer coursework completed as Pass credit. Spring 2020 term transfer courses completed as Pass credit can be used to complete major-specific requirements for graduation.  Writing and Math courses needed to qualify for transfer admissions may also be considered with a Pass grade.

Step 4: Please contact us if you have any questions!