Campus Activites and Student Traditions

SCHOOL SONGS and Other Important Stuff


O.S.U. our hats are off to you. Beavers, Beavers, fighters through and through. We’ll cheer through-out the land, We’ll root for every stand, That’s made for old O.S.U. Rah-rah-rah Watch our team go tearing down the field. Those of iron, their strength will never yield. Hail! Hail! Hail! Hail! Hail to old O.S.U. (YELL) O-S-U Fight! B-E-A-V-E-R-S (repeat second verse)

Here we come with a toast and song for the college up on the hill, We love its shady slopes and trees, Its mem’ries cheer and thrill; But fondest thoughts when the years have run, Will be of teams and vict’ries won, Each man a loyal son, Hail to old O.A.C. CHORUS: O.A.C., our hats are off to you, Beavers, Beavers, fighters thru and thru, We’ll cheer for ev’ry man, We’ll root for ev’ry stand, that’s made for old O.A.C. Watch our team go tearing down the field, Men of iron, their strength will never yield. Hail! Hail! Hail! Hail! Hail to old O.A.C. We’ll rout hard for the baseball star who can knock out a long home run, And cheer the man who kicks the goal, That means the game is won; But mem’ries best in our Hall of Fame, Are for the man who’s always game, Win, lose, fights just the same, All for old O.A.C. (Repeat Chorus)


Held the week before fall term, is an introduction to your new campus and an opportunity to connect with other students.

Move In Day

No matter where you're from, once you move in you're a resident of Beaver Nation. Move-in Day is one of the best days of the year.  We offer lots of help and support (physical and emotional) for the day you make campus home.

End of Summer Beaver Bash

The End of Summer Beaver Bash is back, with a foam party featuring DJ CONDOR, laser tag, and a life size version of Hungry Hippos! Then come grab some FREE pancakes in the Memorial Union Ballroom after the event!

New Student Walk and Convocation

Join your fellow new students for one of the largest traditions of Welcome Week. You will stand with your academic college and walk from the MU Quad to Gill Coliseum and be welcomed by faculty and staff of OSU.  This serves as your official academic welcome to OSU, and mirrors a similar tradition that occurs during Commencement.




Corvallis decorates its streets in orange and black in preparation for Homecoming Week. In addition to traditional homecoming festivities such as the football game and tug of war, there is a student carnival.

Family Weekends

In November and May, we welcome parents, siblings, grandparents and friends to experience a weekend in the life of a Beaver. It's a chance to reconnect while attending comedy shows, sporting events, and other campus entertainment.



Featuring Oregon State Designers and models, this annual event showcases the work of future professional apparel designers. Oh, and the music is awesome, too!


DAM JAM is an annual music event put on for students, by students. It's a time when the OSU community can come together to celebrate the end of the year and share in an inclusive experience that's fun for everyone. Prior to of the concert, check out the annual Dam Jamboree, featuring fun, interactive games, prizes, student group performances and awards, and opportunities to earn early access to the stadium!


The Luau - a 65-year tradition - features a range of Polynesian dances performed by Oregon State students, as well as tasty traditional Hawaiian food. This event is coordinated and supported by current Hawaiian students, parents and alumni.

Ken Austin was the first student to appear at OSU athletic events dressed as "Benny Beaver" (Click the link above to see more). This was during the football season of 1952. His outfit looked primitive by today's standards. Ken is retired today and with wife Joan is co-owner of A-dec, one of the world's largest manufacturers of dental equipment based in Newberg, Ore. Ken has been recognized as one of OSU's outstanding alumni of the 20th century. He graduated in engineering in 1953.


Cheer on your fellow Beavers!  We've recently seen our baseball team win the College World Series and our women's basketball team in the Sweet 16. With 17 NCAA men's and women's sports, there are many opportunities to wear your orange and black!  Plus, the Civil War (Beavers vs. Ducks) in ANY sport is always something to look forward to. The Civil War is the longest rivalry west of the Mississippi. OSU students get in to athletic events for free!