On-campus Living

Welcome to Your First Year at Oregon State

Living on-campus is an excellent way for students to connect with key campus resources and build community; it has also been shown to have a positive effect on student success. Whether this is your first year of college or you are transferring to OSU, don’t miss out on the on-campus experience.


First-year students who live in residence halls typically earn higher grades than those who live off campus. Living on campus, you have writing and math tutors available every week, as well as a live-in Academic Learning Assistant (ALA) who provides academic coaching and organizes academic success-focused events, workshops and seminars during the year. Plus, students have easy access to ready-made study groups with their neighbors. And the benefits aren't just short-term, students who live on campus their first year also tend to graduate more quickly than those who don't. That means saving on tuition and a sooner start on your future. 

Living-Learning Communities (LLCs)

Living-Learning Communities are academic programs that partner with residential communities on campus. In addition to living among students in the same major, college, academic focus or program, we hold events in each community that are related to the student's area of interest.


Support is right outside your door. There's a Resident Assistant (RA) on each floor or wing and a Resident Director (RD) on each building, ready to help with everything from finding your classes to figuring out what to do on Tuesday night. A variety of academic support centers are just steps away, offering free tutoring and other services in almost every subject. All over campus, you'll find resources with the answers you need, even the ones you didn't know you were looking for. 


All of your basic living expenses are covered in one bill, including your dining plan with a choice of 28 restaurants across campus. Plus, our residence hall rates include services and amenities you'd have to pay extra for off campus including high-speed internet, utilities, extended basic cable and even free laundry. Nor do you have to worry about maintenance and repairs. We've got that covered.

Oregon State is also part of the Menus of Change University Research Collaborative. The vision of Menus of Change is to collaborate on research and education in support of culinary-centric, evidence-based food systems innovation within and beyond universities. At our dining centers, cafes and campus markets, you'll find organic choices and food from growers around Oregon and the Pacific Northwest, as well as ingredients produced on campus. 

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