Corvallis Campus Life

Student Activities

Get ready for the time of your life.

These are the days you can look forward to now and will remember always. College is when you get to try and try again. So go out there and be bold. Determined. Invincible. You’ve got an entire community of more than 32,000 students and 4,700 faculty cheering you on.

This is your time to dream and do.

Fuel your imagination. Feed your desire to create. Explore the unknown. Choose from more than 400 student clubs and organizations where you can try a new hobby, develop a skill and make friends you’ll have for life. In the stillness of night, admire our vast universe with fellow stargazers, immerse yourself in a new culture or watch your inventions come to life in a campus makerspace. You can do almost anything here. And you should.

Your wellness matters in every dimension.

Body, mind or spirit, you’ll find resources throughout campus to support health and well-being. Seek guidance or just find someone to talk to. Counselors, nutritionists, wellness coaches, medical staff and others are ready to help.

Stay Active


Fan or competitor, make these your glory days.

Cheer on the Beavers as they take on the competition or revel in the pride you feel after taking your own athleticism further than you ever thought you could. With a full roster of NCAA Division I, Pac-12  Conference athletics, more than 40 intramural sports leagues and tournaments, plus 40 club sports, you’ll find ample opportunities to watch and play.

Whether you're a fan or an athlete, you'll enjoy NCAA Division I, Pac-12 Conference sports at Oregon State. We have eight women's sports and seven for men.
Intercollegiate athletics

Health and Well-Being

College is a time of self-discovery, new relationships and intellectual curiosity. But, for some, it can also be a time of personal crises, mental health struggles and academic difficulties. Student Care strives to alleviate these stressors by providing resources and referrals, and helping problem solve within the campus community. Faculty, staff and families can find support and assistance for students too. Working together, Student Care, Counseling & Psychological ServicesStudent Health Services, academic support programs and other division units offer a myriad of resources to support students through challenges. Learn more about student Health and well-being resources.


More than just a gym

Dixon Recreation Center
Membership gives you access to Dixon Recreation Center and McAlexander Fieldhouse and a chance to be part of a community that actively pursues happiness and well-being. Become a certified mountaineer, a Zumba expert or the star quarterback of your Intramural Football Team as a part of campus.

Fitness Training
Enjoy unlimited access to weekly group fitness classes with a Group Fitness Pass. Register for DAM Fit and participate in three sessions, three days per week for structured training.

Intramural Sports
A perfect balance of community and competition. With a variety of sports to choose from, there’s no shortage of fun to be had. Grab a team and sign up!

Adventure Leadership
The classroom isn't always indoors. At the Adventure Leadership Institute, we love to explore. Imagine taking a class where you'll learn canyoneering, rafting or ice climbing. For your next outing, you can rent a kayak, skis, tents and more! Your next adventure starts at the ALI.

Beyond the Classroom

Honors College

The Oregon State University Honors College (HC) is a small degree-granting college at Oregon State. The Honors College offers Oregon State's most prestigious undergraduate degree, the Honors Baccalaureate Degree, which can be earned in any major.

The Honors College offers multiple opportunities to pursue what interests you most. You can conduct original research. Connect with distinguished faculty and alumni. Collaborate with fellow students in the classroom and beyond. 

Undergraduate Research

The Office of Undergraduate Research, Scholarship, & the Arts works to connect undergraduate students interested in conducting research or creative work experiences by providing tools and resources to engage with professionals, present in symposiums, and interact with scientific or creative communities. The Office of URSA also manages the largest undergraduate research program at OSU, URSA Engage, which connects early-career students (first-year, second-year students, and transfer students in their first year) with dedicated faculty mentors.

Undergraduate research experiences promote student engagement in ways that traditional classroom instruction cannot. Faculty mentors can help students build confidence, develop problem-solving skills, refine career interests, and facilitate important connections for graduate school or employment after graduation.

Internship Opportunities

An internship is an opportunity to gain exposure to and experience in a career field of interest. Depending on the position, internships may be paid or unpaid, full-time or part-time and may gain you academic credit. Many programs at Oregon State require you to complete an internship or research experience in order to graduate. During an internship, students can:

  • Explore a career field of interest
  • Gain experience and hone skills applicable in the workplace
  • Develop a network of professional contacts
  • Contact the Career Center or your college for more information.

Social Activities


Clubs, Organizations and Experiences

Oregon State offers more than 300 student groups, so you're certain to find something to do when it's time to set aside the books.

Our campus cultural centers work to involve the Oregon State community in becoming more aware of and dealing with issues that relate to various populations and the campus as a whole. Activities of the centers are open to all Oregon State students.

Consider the OSU Experience website your go-to spot for resources, information and opportunities. Whether you want to get involved, find a connection or enhance your well-being, you’re in the right place.


Specialty Organizations

Student Government (ASOSU)
If you want to help run things around here, you can run for elective office or serve on one of the many committees of the Associated Students of Oregon State University or the Memorial Union Program Council.

Orange Media Network
Orange Media Network is the student media program at Oregon State University, with six mediums (a newspaper, three magazines, a radio station and a TV station) and six cross-platform teams (Sports, Photo, Engineering, Sales, Marketing and Creative). They strive to lead the college media field by elevating diverse student voices through innovative and accessible hands-on media and leadership experiences that challenge views, build grit and engage the community.

Craft Center
The OSU Craft Center is a place for students to nurture their inner artists and nourish their souls as they connect their hearts, mind and hands in creative pursuits. Whether a beginner or more experienced, we offer many art & craft making options. Students have access to well-equipped studios, non-credit classes & workshops, open studio time, tech support, self-guided craft kits and special programming.

ROTC at Oregon State is made up of the departments of Military Science, Naval Science, and Aerospace Studies. In 1917, the Department of Military Science became responsible for all military training under the National Defense Act of 1916.

Community Engagement


Imagine a better world, make it happen!

At Community Engagement & Leadership, we believe the world should be a more just place for everyone. We believe that everyone's actions matter and that OSU students have the power to shape the world. Through engaging students in self-exploration, community-engaged learning, direct service, and advocacy in the greater Corvallis community, we cultivate leaders and change-makers. We work to create more caring and equitable communities.


Alternative Breaks

Alternative Breaks encourage students to take a break — a break from the usual and from the routine, a break from the comfortable and from apathy. When students commit to participating, they commit to immersing themselves in a community, learning deeply about others and working alongside community members and new friends in pursuit of social change. An Alternative Break consists of a week-long service trip to one of several West Coast destinations, where students will discover the interconnectedness of social justice issues and while strengthening their own values. Learn more about Civic Engagement.