A complete, official evaluation of all course work reported to OSU will be sent to you once you have been admitted, have paid your $200 advance tuition deposit (or confirmed your enrollment with a deposit waiver) AND registered for a START Session or orientation. This evaluation is referred to as an Advanced Standing Report. The Office of Admissions will not provide an official pre-evaluation of credit before you apply.

Your Advanced Standing Report will reflect all college and university courses taken, as documented from your academic transcripts. The report will show whether or not OSU accepted the course in transfer, and if accepted, how it will be counted at OSU.

If you have any questions regarding your Advanced Standing Report or OSU's transfer evaluation process, contact the Office of Admissions at 800-291-4192.

OSU also accepts up to 12 hours of Professional/Technical credit. These hours are included when figuring your level (e.g. freshman, sophmore) and the total credits completed. They are not included in your GPA. Remedial courses are not considered in Professional/Technical hours.

Ecampus Students

Ecampus students will be eligible for transcript articulations after they have been admitted, have completed the Ecampus Advance Tuition Deposit Waiver form, and followed the steps for newly admitted Ecampus students. 

    Find Your Advanced Standing Report

    1. Go to my.oregonstate.edu
    2. Log in using your ONID name and password
    3. Once logged inm choose the menu item Resources.
    4. Choose Academic resources and scroll down to the View Advanced Standing Report menu option.