Oregon State is proud of our heritage as a Land Grant University and our mission to promote “economic, social, cultural and environmental progress for the people of Oregon, the nation and the world.”  And we are just as proud to announce that OSU has adopted a test-optional admissions policy for freshman students applying for Fall 2021 and beyond.

This means you are more in charge of your application and your chances for admission to OSU.  You can decide to submit standardized test scores if  you think they add something of value to our review, or you can choose not to submit them if you want us to focus more intently on your high school record and other supporting documents.  The choice is yours.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Oregon State University has a holistic admissions process which looks at the following items for each of our applicants, with the goal of identifying and admitting students who have the skills, abilities, and drive to succeed at OSU:

  • Your high school grades
  • Rigor of coursework, considered in the context of options at your school
  • Class rank
  • Grades in any college or dual-credit courses
  • Information provided in your personal statement on the application
  • Your responses to one of our available application essay prompts

Test scores, if submitted, are never the sole or primary reason for an admissions decision; they are always considered in context and as supplemental information.

OSU neither requires, nor accepts, letters of recommendation except when a student is appealing a denial.

You’ll be asked to tell us whether or not you will supply a test score at the time you apply for admission. This allows us to wait on making an admission decision until we’ve received a score, should you decide to submit, or to proceed once the other materials in your application have been received if you decide to apply test optional.

If you decide to submit an SAT or ACT score you’ve already taken, we prefer that you self-report them on the application, as this saves you time and money.

If you apply test-optional, but you’ve already sent us a test score, or they are included on your transcript, we will remove them from our review process.

We do ask all students who have taken a test submit it if they decide to enroll.  This is simply for research purposes, and cannot affect admission or financial aid. The SAT college code for Oregon State University is 4586. The ACT college code for Oregon State University is 3482.

If you indicated you would not be sending a test score, and decide to do so before we’ve made an admission decision, you can let us know in your application portal. You may decide to add a test score during the appeal of a decision, but it is highly unlikely a test alone will change a decision.

Oregon State University is committed to making scholarship opportunities available to students who qualify, whether they apply with or without test scores. Like the admissions decision making process, test scores will not be used to disqualify students from scholarships unless otherwise indicated in our scholarship application system.

Given the uncertainty regarding SAT and ACT availability in the coming months, we will permit home-schooled students and international students to apply without tests for the Fall, 2021 semester.  We will continue to evaluate this policy prior to opening the application for Fall, 2022.

Athletes wishing to participate in NCAA sports at OSU will be required to submit test scores as part of being considered an NCAA qualifier.

We invite you to reach out to your admission counselor or to contact the Office of Admissions at 541-737-4411 or osuadmit@oregonstate.edu with any questions regarding the application process.