1.   Create an account at this website https://apply.commonapp.org/login?ma=944&tref=osuadms_choose_application.

2.   Select Oregon State University using the college search tab.

3.   Fill out the Common Application section and the “my college” section to complete your application.

4.   Submit the Common Application.

5.   Request all required documents be sent to Oregon State University such as official test scores (ACT/SAT) and an official high school transcript.

6.   You will receive two correspondence emails, one will include your assigned login ID and instructions on resetting your password

If you are not a fee waiver applicant, you will need to log in to your OSU account to pay the application fee and submit your application.

Graduating high school seniors are the only student population who should complete the Common Application. All other student types should complete the OSU application from our website for First Year Application for Admission, Transfer Application for Admission, and Post-Baccalaureate applications. https://oregonstate.force.com/AppLogin

Students who submitted the Common Application by February 1st have until February 7th to complete the payment process and still be considered on time.

While the deadline to submit the Common Application to be considered for scholarships is February 1st, there is often a delay between when students submit the application, and when they are notified via email that the application fee payment is required.

If you have questions about the payment process, see the steps below or contact osuadmit@oregonstate.edu.

Send an email to osuadmit@oregonstate.edu requesting a password reset email that includes your full name, and the email that you used on the Common Application. When we resend this password link, you will have 24 hours to create a new password before the link expires. If your link expires, please contact osuadmit@oregonstate.edu.

Once you have submitted The Common Application to Oregon State University, your application submission process still requires two more steps:

STEP 1:  Log in to OSU’s application system and change your password.

Your Common Application information has been loaded into OSU’s application system. 

  • To access your application information and submit your application fee payment, you need to login and change your password.  You should have received a system-generated email from OSU with a link to change your password in the past 24 hours.  Follow the steps on that email. 

Once you have completed this action, please submit your payment of your application by following the directions below.

STEP 2:  Pay your application fee and submit your application in OSU’s system.

  • Visit the application website. Log in as a 'returning visitor' using the email used to submit the Common App.
  • On the Application Checklist, the required sections should be already completed (they were populated from your Common Application).  Click 'Submit Application' button.
  • Review and check the box to indicate you have read and agree to the information listed. Click 'Continue'.
  • An 'Application Fee Payment' box will appear.  Click 'Continue to Payment'.
  • You will be redirected to our 'touchnet' debit/credit card payment page.  Complete the information to pay and finalize your application.


If you have trouble logging back in, click 'Forgot Password.'  

No.  Only applicants eligible for a fee waiver are exempt from the application fee. All other applicants will pay the $65.00 application fee after submitting the Common Application. You will receive two emails after submitting your application. The first will prompt you to create a password through our website. The second email will list the next steps in the Common Application process and details how to pay OSU’s application fee. If you do not receive these emails within two business days of submitting your Common Application, please reach out to osuadmit@oregonstate.edu.

No.  Both the Common Application and the OSU Application for Admission are assessed on the same scale. Additional or extra information included on the Common Application will not be utilized when OSU makes an admission decision.

No.  OSU does not accept letters of recommendation or school reports. You are required by Common App to fill out your counselor's information so the application can be submitted. However, not turning in this information will not hold up your admission decision or application.

No.  However, OSU requires that students complete the Insight Resume portion of the Common App, but does not require the personal essay. The personal essay is a Common Application request, so some schools require it. OSU does not and should you send a personal essay, it will not be used in our admission decision.