Graduate Pathway

What is the Graduate Pathway program?

The Graduate Pathway programs allow students to begin earning credits toward their degree even if they do not meet direct entry requirements. The programs help build the academic knowledge and essential graduate study skills needed to successfully complete and OSU master's degree.

Who is the program for?

Direct admission to the Graduate School and respective department-based graduate programs at Oregon State University is highly competitive with only the best and most-prepared students being selected. Many students who meet all the minimum entry requirements are not admitted because of the competitive nature of the programs. The Graduate Pathway program is designed for international students who:

  • Require additional preparation to be admitted directly to the Graduate School

  • Fall short of meeting the minimum GPA or test score requirements

  • Need further English development

  • Need to improve study skills for success in their chosen field of study 

Graduate Pathway Programs

  • Applied Economics (MS)

  • Bioengineering Engineering (MEng)

  • Biostatistics (MPH)

  • Business Administration (MBA)

  • Business (MSB)

  • Chemical Engineering (MEng)

  • Civil Engineering (MEng)

  • Comparative Health Sciences (MS/PhD)

  • Computer Science (MEng)

  • Electrical and Computer Engineering (MEng)

  • Environmental Engineering (MEng)

  • Environmental Sciences (Professional Science Master's)

  • Global Health (MPH)

  • Health Promotion and Behavior (MPH)

  • Industrial Engineering (MEng)

  • Materials Chemistry (MS)

  • Mathematics (MS)

  • Mechanical Engineering (MEng)

What classes will Graduate Pathway students take?

The academic courses included in the Graduate Pathway programs are carefully chosen to ensure success in graduate level studies. Students will be advised on which modules to follow during their academic orientation and during their time at the INTO OSU center.

Students who complete the 3 and 2-term Pathway will have earned a minimum of 15 credits toward their OSU graduate degree. Students who complete the 1-term Pathway will have earned a minimum of 9 credits toward their OSU graduate degree.

What are the benefits?

Graduate Pathway students receive the highest level of support during their transition abroad, making it an ideal choice for international students who are driven to achieve high academic goals. Other benefits include:

Assured progression to an OSU graduate program*

Dedicated academic advisor and progression advisor to help facilitate transition to the university

Pathway peer tutors available to provide additional academic support

Entry Requirements
Pathway 3-Term 2-Terms 1-Term
Bachelor's degree in a relevant discipline, minimum GPA and English language requirements in one of the following tests. Additional requirements may apply.
Minimum GPA 2.5 2.5 3.0
TOEFL or 70 80 (16 subscores) 85 (16 subscores)
IELTS or 6.0 6.5 (5.5 subscores) 6.5 (6.0 subscores)
Duolingo 95 110 120

Please note that academic performance is not the sole criterion for admission to the university. The university may evaluate a person's behavior and background to determine their ability to maintain the standards of academic and professional conduct expected at the university. An evaluation may take into consideration current behavior and performance as well as past experiences and actions. Simply qualifying for admission does not guarantee admission.

Applicants who are ineligible to re-enroll at any college or university that they attended within the last seven years for student conduct reasons will be automatically declined admission at OSU.  Applicants who are unable to re-enroll at a previous college or university for academic reasons will be considered for admission only if they meet OSU’s minimum academic requirements.