You're looking for an exceptional College experience, and Oregon State University is ready to deliver! OSU offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate degree programs, including routes for students who do not meet direct entry requirements.

Undergraduate Programs

Ready to start a degree-seeking program at OSU? Read more about undergraduate offerings at OSU and get started with an application!

Pathway Programs

Combining intensive English courses with OSU academic courses, students who complete the Pathway program enter their desired OSU degree program with excellent English and study skill preparation.


Graduate Programs

If you're looking to continue your education with a Master's degree or a PhD, the OSU Graduate School can help.

English Programs

Looking to study English for a short time, or eventually enter a US univeristy? Our Academic programs provide intensive English language training and may be right for you.

Study Abroad with English

A program that combines Academic English language study with OSU undergraduate courses. With approval from your home university, the academic courses you take can be transferred to your undergraduate degree.