Program Prices

All prices are estimated for the 2023-24 academic year and are subject to change. There are 4 terms per academic year (fall, winter, spring and summer), each about 12 weeks or 3 months. Please visit for exact pricing.

UNDERGRADUATE: (UG first-year), International Year One (IYO) and Undergraduate Transfer Program (UTP)
Type UTP (1 Term) UTP (2 Terms) UG first-year, IYO, UTP (3 Terms) IYO, UTP (4 Terms)
Tuition And Fees $14,210 $28,430 $37,000 $44,080
Housing And Meals* $4,760 $9,520 $14,280 $19,040
Insurance $1,440 $2,880 $4,320 $5,760


GRADUATE: Pathway Graduate Program
Program Length 1 Term 2 Terms 3 Terms
Tuition And Fees $12,570 $25,130 $32,850
Insurance $1,440 $2,880 $4,320


Program Length 1 Term3 2 Terms 3 Terms
Tuition And Fees $16,550 $33,100 $43,170
Insurance $1,440 $2,880 $4,320


GRADUATE: Masters International Direct (MID) and MSB
Program Length 1 Term MID 1 Term MID (MSB)
Tuition And Fees $12,570 $16,550
Insurance $1,440 $1,440


GRADUATE: Direct Entry Engineering and MBA
Program Length 3 Terms1-Engineering 3 Terms2-MBA
Tuition And Fees $33,460 $43,140
Insurance $4,320 $4,320


English Language Programs
Type Academic English/Study Abroad With English Part 1 (1 Term) Visiting International Student Program/Study Abroad With English Part 2 (1 Term)
Tuition And Fees $6,130 $12,335
Housing and Meals* $4,760 $4,760
Insurance $1,720 $1,720

Undergraduate prices are based on 15 credits/term

Graduate MBA/MSB prices are based on 9 credits/term and all other Graduate prices are based on 12 credits/term

*Housing and meals are based on estimated costs and may vary depending on housing and meal plans selected and personal preference.

1Based on 12 credits per term 2Based on 9 credits per term 31-term Graduate Pathway is MBA only

Are you an F-1 student? You will need to provide proof of funding in order to get your I-20. Proof of funding is a way a student shows they have sufficient funds (usually via a recent bank statement) to live and study full-time in the US for up to one academic year. This is different from the cost of attendance OR a statement of account. The proof of funding amount will not be an amount that is billed to you and is solely for immigration purposes. To find out more about proof of finances for immigration purposes, visit