Cascaded Offer FAQ

Why did I receive an offer to start my degree in a pathway program rather than direct admission?

If you've received an offer letter to be in a pathway program, it was determined that you have great potential to be a successful at Oregon State University, but could benefit from the extra support INTO OSU provides. This could be because of your academic prerequisite coursework, GPA or English language level. Either way, the pathway allows students to start their program while receiving additional support and services such as tutoring, academic advising, and classes that prepare international students to be successful in the American education system

What is INTO?

INTO is a university partnership program that provides students with the opportunity to study in the UK, US and Australia. INTO OSU is a partnership between INTO and Oregon State University and has helped thousands of students succeed in higher education for over the past 14 years. We offer exceptional support services before, during and after your studies with us, so you can concentrate on your success. We also prepare international students to adapt to the educational, social and cultural norms of their host country while pursuing a degree.

What is an International Year One (IYO)?

International Year One (IYO) allows you to earn credits toward your degree even if you do not meet the academic and/or English requirements for direct admission. IYO can be one to four terms in length and students will receive additional academic and cultural support. All of the coursework counts towards a students intended degree and students have all the same access to resources as non-IYO peers. These programs are designed to help you successfully complete your first year and graduate in the same amount of time as fellow first year students. More information is provided here:

What is a Graduate Pathway?

A Graduate Pathway is a program designed to provide additional academic support for student who don't have the appropriate prerequisites coursework, have a slightly lower grade point average, or a slightly lower English language score than direct admission requirements. Students in the pathway will be taking graduate level courses in combination with courses designed to improve student's success at the graduate level. After the pathway, students can complete the additional degree requirements and graduate with the same qualifications as student who were directly admitted. Depending on the individual situation, the pathway can add on additional study time, although in some cases the time to graduation is equivalent to direct-admitted students.

What are the benefits of a pathway program?

The pathway program is designed to provide additional support specifically designed for international students. Academic support includes early registration, additional advising, international student tutoring, and bridge classes to improve academic performance. Other areas of support include pre-arrival, where we will work with you individually to understand your program, pick you up at the airport, provide a comprehensive orientation and make sure you are ready for your first day of classes.

How long does it take to graduate — will the pathway take longer than direct entry?

At the undergraduate level, the pathway does not add additional time or requirements for graduation.  

At the graduate level, the pathway can add zero to two additional terms of study to a student's degree.

What is the cost?

Costs are very similar to directly admitted students and can be found here:

Can I still provide updated test scores?

Yes, if you provide updates transcripts or English language tests before the application deadline, we can reconsider your qualifications and update your program offering

If I want to accept my offer what should I do?

The offer letter you received will outline exact instructions on how to confirm your place in the program.

1. Review the offer letter you received.
2. Complete and sign the declaration and acceptance forms and return to [email protected] quoting your Application ID number. This can be found in your offer letter (example: IN:E1234567Q).
3. Pay your deposit (instructions are in your offer letter).
4. If you are applying for an F-1 student visa, submit your passport and current visa, bank statement and Affidavit of Support, or loan sanction letter.

Can I receive a scholarship for International Year One or Graduate Pathway?

Yes! Amounts vary by program, so please talk with a INTO regional officer or OSU recruitment staff member to see if you qualify 

If I am a U.S. citizen/permanent resident, do I qualify for financial aid on the pathway?

Citizens and residents are not eligible for scholarships designated for international students, however, other finanacial support might be available through the Office of Financial Aid:

What information is included in my confirmation letter?

Your confirmation letter outlines important details such as:

-Your start date and study plan
-Statement of fees and balance
-INTO OSU welcome guide

For students who require a Visa:

-Visa support letter
-Visa interview tips
-INTO PASS service to help you with your student visa process

How do I pay for tuition and fees?

You can pay in full through the INTO pay online link. This link can be found on the last page of your offer letter in the Financial Q & A section. Additional fees might apply for credit cards (Visa or Mastercard) or international money exchange. You can also pay through a bank wire transfer. We don't accept cash payments. Please note that tuition payment is due before you register for classes. For questions email [email protected].

How do I activate my university portal?

After your I-20 has been processed, you can create your Oregon State Network ID (ONID). More information and next steps can be found here:

What do I need to do to prepare for my arrival?

Once you have confirmed your offer, you will receive detailed instructions on the steps to complete before you arrive. For additional details please follow this link: