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Transfer Admission Requirements

Transferable  credits entering OSU




1 to 23 quarter hours

(1 to 15 semester hours)

2.25+ transfer GPA AND 3.0+ high school GPA

Preferred, but not required

College-level math preferred, but not required.

24 or more quarter hours

(16 or more semester hours)

2.25 - 2.49 transfer GPA

College-level writing equivalent to WR 121 (English Composition) with C- or higher

College-level mathematics equivalent to MTH 111 (College Algebra) -or- MTH 105 (Contemporary Math) with C- or higher

24 or more quarter hours

(16 or more semester hours)

2.50+ transfer GPA

College-level writing equivalent to WR 121 (English Composition) with C- or higher

College-level math is preferred, but not required

  • Completion of college-level mathematics is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED for students applying to STEM-field majors to be on-track for participation in upper division coursework and timely graduation.
  • Students admitted without a college-level mathematics course must complete a college-level mathematics course at OSU within their first 45 credits.
  • Students who graduated from high school in 1997 or later must meet a foreign language requirement with either two years of high school level study in the same language or two quarters/semesters of college level study with a minimum grade of a C- or better. For additional information on how to meet foreign language deficiencies, click here.

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LCC Credits accepted by Oregon State University

OSU Baccalaureate Core (general education requirements)

OSU transfer list (all courses listed alphabetically)

Transfer Guides and Advising Information (by academic interest)

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Degree Partnership Program

The Degree Partnership Program (DPP), your pathway to completing a university degree more quickly and more affordably. There are many advantages to being a DPP student. Previously named "Dual Enrollment", this program allows you to be jointly admitted and enrolled at Oregon State University and any of our community college partner schools.

  1. Just take classes at your partner school while having an active student status at OSU which comes with access to many OSU resources. You can do this for up to ten terms (about 2 years);
  2. Just take classes at OSU knowing you can take classes at your partner school should you need to; or
  3. You can "Dual Enroll" or take classes on both campuses during any given term (financial aid has the potential to count credits on both campuses towards your enrollment level).

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osu-cascades building

OSU Cascades is the only baccalaureate and graduate degree granting institution based in Central Oregon.

More Info About Cascades

osu portland image

New classes begin this fall at OSU Portland in the iconic Meier & Frank Building located by Pioneer Square.

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hatfield image

The Hatfield Marine Science Center is OSU’s coastal home and a base for oceanographic research.

More Info for HMSC

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