Scholarships are a great way that INTO Oregon State University (INTO OSU) helps students achieve their goals and dreams. The Merit-Based Scholarship is a $9,000 award provided to outstanding students coming to study in the 3-Term Standard Pathway program at INTO OSU.

Stacia Gani (pictured at right) received a Merit-Based Scholarship. She's a Pathway student from Indonesia and wanted to come to the United States to study for a better learning experience and to step out of her comfort zone. “My intentions of studying overseas simply come from my willingness to have a new experience,” Stacia told us.Photo of Stacia Gani

She explained that “the scholarship is the major reason why I chose this university.” Grateful for the scholarship and the ability to study at OSU, she emphasized that the university has far exceeded her expectations.

Being an international student is not an easy role, she explained. “We have to adapt to basically everything. The language, the lifestyle, the time - and not to mention, the weather differences can be very hard to compensate with,” she said. INTO OSU is happy to offer scholarships that help to relieve a bit of the stress related to attending college.

Stacia offered some advice to new students: “make friends while they are here because of the support they offer in times of need!”

Scholarships helped Stacia achieve her dream of studying in the United States. Now she’s embracing her experience at OSU and making timeless memories. Learn about how scholarships can help in your studies at OSU by visiting our scholarships page.