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Oregon State is an international public research university that draws people from all 50 states and more than 100 countries. We go wherever the challenges are, push ourselves to the very edge of what’s known and keep going. We are determined to forge solutions. We are diverse and welcoming. We embrace our responsibility to Oregon and the world, building a future that’s smarter, healthier, more prosperous and more just. We see what could be and have worked relentlessly for 150 years to make it so.

Upward mobility begins with Oregon State

Amazon’s Career Choice program now offers annual tuition assistance for eligible associates that can be redeemed at Oregon State University – paying for up to $5,250 for full-time employees and $2,625 for part-time employees. This tuition voucher applies to any undergraduate program or credential, including degrees, certificates and microcredentials. The Career Choice program offers:

  • Over 200 degrees and programs to choose from with on-campus, flexible and online learning options across 11 colleges. Each offering provides you with access to world-renowned instructors, dedicated academic advisors and groundbreaking coursework, paving the way for your future.
  • More than 90 degrees and programs online, delivered by Oregon State Ecampus, one of America's best providers of online education.
  • Enrollment support and a streamlined application process, including a waived application fee and test-optional admissions.
  • A built-in support network including student services liaisons, tutoring, mentoring, and financial, personal and academic success coaching.
  • Access to a network of hundreds of employers and Oregon State's 200,000-strong alumni network

Get started

Complete these easy tasks to begin your journey at Oregon State:

  1. Find your major or program
  2. Apply to OSU
    • If applying to learn online with OSU Ecampus, choose Amazon Career Choice as your Ecampus Program Provider in the Employment section of the application.
    • If applying to a campus location, use Promo Code OSU-AMZN in the Fee Waiver Request section of the application.
  3. Work with OSU Admissions to complete your application and send requested documents.
  4. After you have been admitted to OSU, submit a Career Choice Payment Request on (details below)
Patric Papabathini

“I always wanted to move into management. Having tech experience with the business degree can get me the program management jobs that I want.”

Patric Papabathini
B.S. in Business Administration
OSU Ecampus graduate

Submit a Payment Request

A Payment Request refers to the process that an Amazon employee like you completes to ask Amazon to make a payment to cover tuition and fees at an approved school on your behalf, as part of their Career Choice benefit. To submit a Career Choice Payment Request, follow these steps:

  1. Enroll at Oregon State University
  2. Submit a Career Choice Payment Request on Amazon Career Choice
  3. Watch for OSU's review and approval of your request.
  4. Get your payment disbursement within 2-4 weeks of Amazon receiving your Payment Request.

Please note: Each Payment Request needs to be submitted before the start of your course but no more than 90 days in advance. Your Payment Request will be sent to Amazon for processing after the last day to add courses for the term requested. 

If you decide you want to cancel your Payment Request, it is your responsibility to cancel it by logging into the Amazon Career Choice portal. It cannot be canceled by Amazon or Oregon State University for you. If you cancel the Payment Request and there is a cost associated with your schooling, per Amazon, you are responsible for paying the balance.

Contact us

When you are ready to get started with Amazon Career Choice, let us help. You’ll chat with an OSU expert who knows all about your program, and they’ll help guide you throughout the process.