The files in this section list transfer courses that meet OSU's Baccalaureate Core requirements. The OSU equivalent of each transfer course -- when there is one - - is also identified.

Transfer equivalency catalogs are organized in the same manner for each of the institutions listed. On the left side of the screen you will find course information from the originating (transfer) institution. On the right side you will find information listed for the equivalent OSU course.

Below is an example of a course equivalency listing for Chemeketa Community College in Salem, OR:

Skill Courses

Transfer Course                            OSU Equivalent
  • The heading SKILL COURSES represents category of the Baccalaureate Core.
  • The subheading Writing I represents the course category of the Baccalaureate Core that will fulfill this requirement.
  • WR in this case is the subject of both institutions.
  • 121 in this case is the course number of both institutions.
  • The title of the class will be the last item for Transfer Institution and OSU Equivalent (The * in the OSU Equivalent course title means that this class fulfills a Baccalaureate requirement)

The equivalencies were established by relevant faculty in OSU's colleges; for example, the College of Science decided upon the OSU equivalents of transfer courses in the sciences. Where there is a direct OSU equivalent, this equivalency holds for the purposes of meeting Baccalaureate Core, departmental, and college requirements.

The tables have been developed first for those institutions with the largest numbers of transfers to OSU. For 4-year institutions, equivalencies have been established initially for lower division courses since those constitute the bulk of transfer work; upper division equivalencies will be developed as resources permit.

If there is no direct OSU equivalent for a transfer course that fulfills a Baccalaureate Core requirement, then the OSU course number is given as "LDT" and the course title will say something like "General Credit." "LDT" stands for "lower division transfer."

Some lower division transfer courses are equivalent to courses taught at the upper division level on the OSU campus; in these cases, the upper division OSU course title of the equivalent to the transfer course will begin with the letters "LD" indicating that, while the equivalency holds for purposes of meeting course requirements, the lower division transfer courses will transfer in as lower division credits.

Students should direct their questions and concerns about the fulfillment of Baccalaureate Core requirements to the Head Advisor of their college. It is the college head advisor who is responsible for determining the fulfillment of Baccalaureate Core requirements.

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