Fall 2020 new undergraduates have until September 1 to commit to OSU, June 1 to provide their current intent


September 1 - Confirm your enrollment (yes or No)

To help relieve prospective students and their families who are considering their college options in light of the current and changing COVID-19 situation, we've further extended our confirmation / deposit deadline to September 1, 2020.  This is the date by which you must finalize your decision on whether or not to attend OSU in the Fall.  Any Advance Tuition Deposits made to confirm your enrollment are refundable so long as you let us know of your change of plans by end of day on September 1. Confirming your enrollment is required to participate in new student orientation (see START below). 

We have also relaxed our policy on waiving deposits.  If you are experiencing financial difficulty and it is preventing you from confirming your enrollment at this time, you may request a deposit waiver at the confirmation link above.

Ecampus students: There is no deadline to confirm enrollment, but you must submit your advance tuition deposit waiver form in order to move forward with the Ecampus orientation.

June 1 - Declare your current intent to Enroll (Yes, No, Unsure)

In the meantime, we are asking all admitted freshmen for Fall 2020 to declare their intent to enroll at OSU by June 1st.  Your intent to enroll may be yes, no, or unsure.  What you tell us is non-binding.  We understand that your decision may change.  We simply want to know which way you are leaning so that we can best plan to serve our students this Fall. Students that have already confirmed their enrollment or told us they are not planning to attend OSU do not need to declare their intent to enroll.

Transfer students are not required to declare their intent by June 1, only confirm by September 1.

Deferring your enrollment to a future term -

Admitted students for Fall 2020 who wish to defer their enrollment to a future term or year may review our policy for deferring admission and scholarships here.


If you decide to enroll in OSU’s Degree Partnership Program at one of our partner community colleges this fall, we’ll keep your institutional merit scholarships waiting for you up until Fall, 2022.Your eligibility for other types of aid and scholarships can only be determined by the federal or state governments, or the scholarship program that awarded you.You may have to re-apply for those again for your new enrollment term.


We plan to resume traditional, face-to-face instruction in the final sessions of summer term and in fall term.  When that happens, OSU will make several accommodations to ensure social and physical distancing measures are in effect.  More details about that will be forthcoming over the summer as we monitor progress as the governor re-opens Oregon. We want to be clear, however, that things may change rapidly over the next few months; whatever we decide, you will be among the first to know.

As you make your final choice for college enrollment in the fall, we encourage you to look at how OSU has responded to the COVID-19 crisis. Unlike many other universities, we allowed students to make their own choice about staying in the residence halls; we allowed students who decided to return to their home communities to cancel their housing contract without penalty; we reduced student fees; and we gave students extra time to add or drop a class without cost, knowing that remote learning required by the pandemic might not have been the right learning environment for everyone.  And finally, while many universities have canceled graduation plans and commencement events, we asked our graduating seniors what they wanted: They overwhelmingly told us that they wanted to finish their time at OSU and celebrate with a graduation event in the future. In response, OSU is planning to hold commencement sometime in fall, with public health measures in place.

And finally, we froze tuition for returning students, reinforcing our commitment to students who had already made a commitment to OSU.

While we don’t know what the future holds, we do hope this shows you that Oregon State University is here for you and that we’ve always put students first in everything we do. 

So, please, take a moment sometime before June 1 to click and give us an idea of your plans – even if they remain tentative now.  Remember, your responses are non-binding. We’ll be grateful and doing so will help us plan and will automatically provide each of the benefits listed above. It’s only to your advantage to let us know by June 1st.