Transferring Willamette Promise Credits to OSU

Oregon State University is pleased to accept Willamette Promise (WP) coursework for credit toward OSU requirements.

Willamette Promise and Accelerated Learning Credit

Western Oregon University offers assessment-based learning credits through the Willamette Promise program. In assessment-based learning, students are awarded credit for meeting college-level outcomes based on courses taught in their high school.  Assessment-based learning (ABL) credits are subject to review by Oregon State University, but OSU has traditionally not granted credit earned through ABL, as credits awarded in this fashion do not typically conform with the academic standards or our own coursework as established by OSU’s teaching faculty.  As such, OSU does not automatically award equivalent credit for these courses in all subjects. Listed below are the credit transfers that OSU offers for these courses.


Western Oregon University credits earned through Willamette Promise courses transfer to OSU in the following ways:

  • Spanish: Willamette Promise Spanish credits are awarded course-equivalent OSU credits.
  • Writing: Students with Willamette Promise writing credits automatically receive OSU lower division elective credit. While no equivalent credit is awarded, WR 121 taken through Willamette Promise will count as meeting the minimum writing course required for admission under OSU’s transfer admission policy. Students who have taken WR 121 through Willamette Promise who wish to qualify for equivalent credit at OSU may take a writing placement exam ("Waiver Exam") once enrolled at OSU. Depending on exam results, the student may be eligible to place out of a course for which they demonstrate proficiency. Learn more about the WR 121 Waiver Exam.
  • Math: Students with Willamette Promise mathematics credits automatically receive OSU lower division transfer credit. Students with Willamette Promise mathematics credits can arrange to take a one-time proctored ALEKS test in the Mathematics and Statistics Learning Center (MSLC); depending on the exam result, the student can receive course credit for MTH 111 or MTH 112. For more information contact
  • Biology: Willamette Promise Biology credits will be awarded BI LD1* credit.  
  • All other courses: Students with other Willamette Promise credits are awarded lower division OSU elective credit.


Once enrolled at OSU, a student may petition academic departments to evaluate specific Willamette Promise coursework for equivalent credit at Oregon State. Current OSU students wishing to explore the petitioning process or placement options should contact:

Jesse Nelson, Associate Provost for Student Affairs, Academic Achievement
Snell Hall 166


Prospective students with questions about OSU’s policy related to Willamette Promise coursework should contact the Office of Admissions at