What is "Progression?"

Students who enroll in INTO OSU Pathway programs take a combination of OSU academic and English language courses designed to prepare them for university study. The process of completing a Pathway program and moving on to full admission as a degree-seeking student is called progression. To progress, students must fulfill all progression requirements of their Pathway program, listed below. 

Note: All progression requirements listed here apply to the 2020-21 academic year. 

Undergraduate Pathway and Undergraduate Transfer Progression

All Undergraduate Pathway programs and Undergraduate Transfer Program options have the same progression criteria. The following requirements must be met before students can progress to OSU:

  • 2.25 cumulative GPA in the Pathway program
  • No Satisfactory / Unsatisfactory (S/U) graded courses in OSU academic coursework
  • Grades of C- or higher in:
    • English composition (WR 121)
    • Math MTH 111 or higher or MTH 105 for General and General Liberal Arts, Public Policy and Women and Gender Studies only
    • Communication (COMM 111)
    • Minimum of 36 credits earned during Pathway program

Graduate Pathway Progression

Upon completion of a Graduate Pathway program, students must meet the following requirements to progress to a degree-seeking graduate program at OSU:

1, 2 and 3-Term Graduate Pathways
Minimum GPA 3.0 GPA cumulative and B or higher grades in all graduate level classes
    English language B or higher grade in all English language classes OR Toefl 91 (18 subscores) OR IELTS 7.0
    Additional requirement for MBA only GMAT 500 with minimum 20th percentile in verbal, quantitative and reasoning, and a minimum analytical writing score of 4 OR GRE total score of 304 with verbal and quantitative scores in at least the 30th percentile and an analytical writing score of 3.5