Satyajitsingh Ramlugun

From Mauritius

Studying Undergraduate Engineering Pathway

What is Mauritius like?
Everyone asks me where I’m from and I say Mauritius, and no one knows where that is! It’s an island near Madagascar. Mauritius is a multi- cultural island. There are people from all over the world—India, Europe, China. It’s a beautiful island with beautiful beaches. It’s heaven on Earth! It’s a volcanic island. Our native language is Creole, an African language. And we also speak French. English is the official language. Some people speak Hindi. Some people speak Chinese. But the main language is the Creole. Only in Mauritius we speak the Mauritian Creole.

Why did you choose to come to OSU?
I came here because of Engineering. I was looking for a good school for engineering, which can be recognized worldwide. One of my agents proposed OSU, and I did some research on the school about the engineering faculty, and I decided it was a good school for me. When I talked to my parents, they said okay. I’ve lived in the UK before, but I don’t like the life there, or maybe I am too used to it there. I wanted a big change, you know? To come to USA, see how life is here, get experience, exposure, everything. That’s why I prefer the US over Europe.

Imagine yourself in your first week here. How have you changed since then?
In my first week, I was completely lost. I wanted to explore, get to know people, learn what the culture is about. So everything started to be okay for me when school started. Then I started meeting friends and I was busy with classes. When I went back to my country for winter break, people told me I had changed, my way of thinking, my color. Basically, living here is my first winter ever! It was a little bit difficult for me to adapt to the weather because it’s quite cold. It was my first experience with snow! It was really beautiful. But that’s why people told me my color had changed! I had to get back into the sun, by the sea and get my color back. I feel a difference here...the exposure I got here during these past months, it’s very different from my country. The way people think, they things they do, it’s totally different. It was confusing at’s different here.

I live in the International Living-Learning Center on the 5th floor. Next year I will live off campus. The building is new—it’s one of the most beautiful buildings on this campus. My Resident Assistants are really kind to me, the room is okay, I have no complaints. We have Arnold Dining Center and Cascadia Market for food. Both are really near, so it’s good!

Do you like living in Corvallis?
It’s very calm, it’s a good state, it’s a green state, it’s very beautiful. But Corvallis is too calm; there is very little entertainment like clubs and nightlife. I was surprised to come here and learn that the age to get into clubs is 21! Everywhere else in the world is 18. I am 20 right now, so I was a little bit disappointed about that! One more year, it’s not a big deal. I like it here; the people are here to help you.

How are your classes?
I’m struggling a little bit in Chemistry. I’ve never taken Chemistry before. I’ve done physics, math, etc, but not chemistry. English classes are going good; my engineering class is great. All the TA’s are really friendly and ready to help. It makes us feel comfortable. In Mauritius, we are used to the UK style of education.

How does the Pathway program help prepare you for the university?
I’m getting much better in English, and the math and chemistry is hard, but I’m improving everyday. When I have problems, I go to the teachers. They are really kind and helpful.

What are your future goals?
I would try to work here to gain some work experience. That’s what I told my father. Then, I will definitely go back to serve my country. For me, to go back to my country with a degree from an American university, it’s a big opportunity to get a high-paying job. In my country, when a student goes to America or the UK, and when they come back they are greatly respected. I’d like to have a stable life and get married there.