Dmytro Chupryna

From Ukraine

Studying Undergraduate Business Pathway
Admitted to University Honors College for 2012-13

What were your first impressions of Corvallis and life in the US?
When I first arrived here to Corvallis, it was sunny and I liked it. I met some Russian- speaking guys. They showed me the city and where to go, what it looks like, where to buy some groceries and stuff like that. It’s kind of cool, a small city. I had some culture shock, but I think it was more positive than negative. When I was walking around on the street, I was quite surprised to see people smile! In Eastern Europe that doesn’t happen... if people smile at you then maybe they have something wrong with their face or something! I liked these changes. They were really interesting to me. I got involved in American culture really quickly.

How have you changed since then?
Well, in Ukraine I used to live with my parents. Now I live on my own so I think I became more independent. It definitely makes someone more responsible because you have to manage your time properly. No one is going to tell you to go do your homework or go have some lunch, you have to do it all yourself.

Why did you decide to come to the US?
I was going to apply to school in Moscow, actually. But at the last minute, I decided to just try something else. I’ve spent a lot of time in Europe and I just wanted to try something new and different. I applied through an educational agency and they recommended this program for me. I applied and within three or four weeks I was admitted. It was quite easy to get here.

What do you do in your spare time outside of class?
I’m an officer in two organizations. I’m an event manager for the International Student Union in the College of Business and I’m the head of the Communication and Marketing club. Besides those academic activities, I just hang out with my friends. I go to Dixon Recreation Center and the library. I think the facilities are really high quality here. If you want to have a good study environment, then the library is a good place. Dixon is a good place to get healthy, although sometimes it’s a bit crowded. I live in this building, the International Living-Learning Center. It’s great. It’s brand new! Sometimes it’s too brand new... too fancy, too shiny! It’s so new that when I ordered pizza, the pizza place didn’t even know that people lived here. But overall it’s nice, it’s quiet. It takes me like five minutes to get to class.

Do you have a lot of American friends?
Yes, I would say that the majority of my time is spent with Americans. I live with an American roommate. It’s hard not to hang around Americans... I mean, I’m in America!

How does the Pathway program help prepare you for success at the university?
All the bridge classes are good because they are specially designed for students who need help with English language. The class structure is achieving the goal of the entire program. In previous terms, I had some problems understanding the lectures. The bridge classes were really helpful. The Pathway program prepares you to study in the university. It gives you a good opportunity to improve your English, of how the classes work, where you can get the homework, how you can see you grades. The program is good and well-organized.

You’ve just been admitted to the Honors College. Can you talk more about that opportunity?
It was easy to apply. They asked for a short essay and an application form. These kinds of departments are not found in the Ukraine education system, so I had no idea what it was about. I asked my advisor about it and she said it’s a great opportunity to be in a good study environment and to meet new people. It’s a good thing to put on your resume too!