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Campus Visits and OSU Student Recruitment Events

As a result of university efforts to engage in social distancing to help prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus, Oregon State University Office of Admissions recruitment and visit programs will be canceled through April 30. This includes Orange & Black Days, Beaver Previews, Destination Beaver Nation, group tours and all daily tours. We apologize for these cancellations and appreciate your understanding as we work to reduce the risk and spread of COVID-19 locally, nationally and globally.

When we are open to host visitors again, we will let you know.  Our hope is to host both daily campus visits/tours and open house programs soon.

Office of Admissions Operations

The Office of Admissions continues to operate, just differently.  Applications are being processed (yes, we are still accepting Fall 2020 applications!), mail is being opened, and letters of admission are being sent.  But, some of us are working on behalf of Beaver Nation (current and future) from our homes with screaming kids trying to interrupt our Zoom meetings. Yeah, we're ready to get back to doing this in-person too.  Ahh, the good old days. 

Our office is closed, but with the exception of in-person meetings, we're here to answer your questions through live chat, email, Zoom appointments, and a growing number of scheduled live events online.  Yes, you might meet our kids.

Fall 2020 Admitted Students

New students for Fall 2020 are encouraged to visit our new resource, #BeaverNation, designed to answer the burning questions for admitted students who might otherwise be visiting OSU at this time of year to answer: Is OSU a good fit for me?  Why might OSU be a better home for me than XYZ University?  Where will I live?  What will I eat?  How will we afford it? What do I need to do if I want to attend?  What's the timeline?  The site also includes a growing number of ways that students and families can communicate with us during this time.  We've also asked many of our current TOUR Ambassadors to provide some video content that will be added soon.

To help relieve some of your anxiety, we've extended our confirmation / deposit deadline to June 1, 2020.  We hope that this will give you some time to adjust and think clearly about the big decision in front of you.  If things go the way we all hope, it'll give you an opportunity to visit in May if that's needed for you to make an informed decision. 

Grades and transcripts -

We understand that high school or college courses that were in progress when school was closed or course delivery methods were changed may be displayed as incomplete or with pass/fail grades or they may simply show that they were never really completed.  We also understand that the changes over the last several weeks may have impacted your performance in courses in progress.  OSU will not rescind admission or scholarships based on the grading decisions made at your high school during this time.  Final high school transcripts, when available, will need to be sent to OSU indicating you’ve graduated.  College transcripts, regardless of the current grades must be received and credit transfer will be determined using existing policy and process.

High school students who may have to continue instruction or have unforeseen delays in providing a transcript/diploma showing graduation date (required for disbursement of financial aid), we will be as flexible as the law allows.  Please contact our office to discuss your particular situation.

AP and IB credit -

OSU will be evaluating its credit awarding policy for AP and IB in light of changes that have been made by AP and IB test administrators during the COVID-19 interruptions.  Our goal will be to fairly award credit to students based on demonstrated learning outcomes and minimize poor future college performance responsible credit and placement decisions.  Check back around April 1st for updates.

Orientation (START) -

New student orientation (called START) is currently scheduled to take place beginning in late June with sessions throughout July here in Corvallis.  Registration for START is available to students who have confirmed their enrollment and begins on May 4th.  The volatility of the situation may impact START and how it is delivered.  We will keep you informed and post changes on our website.

Fall 2021 prospective students - about those tests...

OSU will be test-optional for Fall 2021 applicants.  Don't sweat canceled test dates or lack of focus on standardized tests - at least not on our part.  More info about our test-optional policy will be available soon!

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