Welcome to Beaver VIP!

Beaver VIP is Oregon State's on-site admissions program. Students who participate will meet with an OSU Admissions Advisor and receive their decision live and get information about next steps.

To participate in Beaver VIP and receive an admissions decision during the meeting, students must meet the following:

  • Graduating from high school in the 2020-2021 academic year
  • Have an unweighted 3.0 GPA or higher
  • Have a complete application on file and all required documents submitted at least two days prior to their Beaver VIP meeting
  • Be a current student at one of our VIP partner high schools: 
    • Aloha High School
    • Beaverton High School
    • Forest Grove High School
    • Franklin High School
    • Hillsboro High School
    • McKay High School
    • McNary High School
    • Milwaukie High School
    • North Salem High School
    • Parkrose High School
    • Reynolds High School
    • Roosevelt High School
    • South Salem High School
    • Sprague High School
    • West Salem High School
    • Salem-Keizer School District High Schools

Note: Students who do not meet these requirements are not guaranteed a decision during the program. In some cases, students who meet all the above requirements may not be able to receive a decision.

  • Students will apply and submit documents prior to their Beaver VIP meeting. Students can check on their application materials, make changes to their application, and/or upload documents through Beaver Basecamp.
  • During the Beaver VIP meeting, students will meet with an OSU Admission Advisor who will review their transcript, essay, and other materials. Advisors will ask questions about the student's academic history, goals, interests, etc. This is a unique opportunity for students to advocate for themselves in-person and provide more information for the holistic review. Meetings are 20 minutes long on average.
  • At the end of the meeting, the Admissions Advisor will provide their decision, explain next steps, and answer questions about Beaver Nation.

Beaver VIP has concluded and is no longer taking registrations. 

If you have questions about your application, please feel free to connect with your OSU Admissions Advisor to schedule a Beaver Briefing. Admissions decisions are not provided during Beaver Briefings. 


Frequently Asked Questions

No. It takes time for applications to move from the website to our system so it is very important for students to submit their application by the deadline if they want to get a decision.

Yes. We will still meet with students who don’t have a completed file but will not be able to provide an admissions decision.

We cannot guarantee that students who have under a 3.0 unweighted GPA will get a decision during the meeting. VIP meetings are still very helpful for the admissions process even if the student doesn’t receive a decision because we are able to add more information to the student file based on the meeting.

  • All incoming students need to submit the application online and have a high school transcript on file. You can upload your unofficial transcript with your application, or your high school can send the Office of Admissions an official transcript. All students who commit to OSU are required to have a final transcript sent to OSU after they graduate high school.
  • If you elected to have an ACT or SAT included in your review, you can self-report your scores on the application, or have an official score sent to OSU by the testing agency or have your high school include the scores on your official transcript. Visit our test-optional website for more information on our new test-optional policy.
  • Additional documents may be listed in your application checklist on Beaver Basecamp. College transcripts for dual-credit classes are not required to participate in the program. 

This meeting is designed specifically for students to meet with an Admissions Advisor and is our chance to get to know them as a student, applicant, and person. If parents/legal guardians are interested in attending, we respectfully request they only join the meeting after the decision has been made. We would be happy to answer questions they have about the process at that time.

Students can upload an unofficial transcript through their Beaver Basecamp or request their school to send a transcript for their file. Uploading transcripts through Beaver Basecamp is the fastest way to add a transcript to an application.

Students only have to report an ACT or SAT score on the application or through their Beaver Basecamp, if they selected to apply with a test score. OSU is test optional for Fall 2021 applicants and beyond, so it will be up to the student to select if they want to apply with a test score when they fill out the application.

Yes, students applying to either OSU-Cascades or Corvallis campuses can participate in Beaver VIP.

Need some additional help with the application?

Visit our Application Workshop website for tips, information, and videos about applying to Oregon State!

Have questions about Beaver VIP?

Contact Heather Wofford- [email protected]