Any applicant who is denied undergraduate admission to Oregon State University for academic reasons may petition to the Undergraduate Admissions Committee (UAC) for an exception. Decisions on appeal will be determined by the Undergraduate Admissions Committee. Each petition for appeal is assessed on an individual basis. Transfer students whose GPA is below 2.00 will not be considered by the UAC. Students denied due to conduct reasons, including being ineligible to re-enroll at a previous institution – follow this link for more information.


IMPORTANT- you should ONLY submit your petition if and when you’ve been notified that you have been denied admission to Oregon State, or if directed to do so by the Oregon State University Office of Admissions.

To be considered, the following materials are required:

  • A personal statement requesting special consideration. Your statement must specifically address:
    • The extraordinary circumstances why you did not meet and exceed Oregon State’s minimum admissions requirements
    • What you have done or are doing to mitigate the impact of your extraordinary circumstances
    • What are your strengths and how they will result in your success at Oregon State
    • Why you have chosen Oregon State University
    • Your academic and/or career goals and how you feel you have prepared for those goals
    • Any other information that you feel would help the committee to understand your unique situation and explain your special circumstances.

    Personal statements must be submitted on the online personal statement form. Personal statements received in other forms will be discarded.

  • Your University application file must be complete with the most current official transcripts on file with the Office of Admissions for all high school and college work.
  • Two (2) references from academic sources are required. Your academic sources may be classroom teachers, counselors, or academic instructors. Letters from employers, relatives, family, or friends will not be considered. Each reference should identify the writer's acquaintance with you and needs to address your potential for academic success at Oregon State University. Non-traditional students may use references from individuals that can speak to the appliant's professional experiences as they relate to a academic setting. Academic references must be submitted using the online letter of reference form. References received in other formats will be discarded.
  • Any other information that you feel would be relevant or helpful to the Committee, such as medical documentation, additional test scores, etc.

Correspondence (other than the personal statement and the academic references) should be directed to:

The Undergraduate Admissions Committee
c/o Office of Admissions
Oregon State University
104 Kerr Administration Building
Corvallis, OR 97331-2106

The committee's decision will be communicated to you by email after your petition is reviewed.

New freshmen who have been denied admission for Summer or Fall terms will only have their petition considered after March 1st. This allows the UAC to consider appeals in light of the space available in the freshman class after all Regular round applications have been considered and received admission decisions. It also ensures that the UAC has access to the most up-to-date academic information on the student.

Petitions will not be considered if received in our office after the deadlines noted below. If any information for your petition is received in our office after the deadline your petition will not be considered for that term and will become inactive.

  • Summer Term: June 1
  • Fall Term: August 15
  • Winter Term: November 15
  • Spring Term: February 15

Reactivation of an application for a subsequent term is not automatic.

If you wish to change your application term, please go to the following website prior to the application deadline (found on the admissions web site) and fill out a change request form. Your application fee is valid for one term change within three consecutive terms of the original application term. (For example, a student applying for Fall 2017 can change their start term to Winter 2018, Spring 2018, or Summer 2018; Fall 2018 would require a new application.)

Should you wish to discuss your situation further, please contact an Admissions staff member at 541-737-4411, or toll free at 800-291-4192.

Educational Opportunities Program (EOP)

The Educational Opportunities Program (EOP) at OSU provides personal and academic support to students from historically underrepresented backgrounds, including but not limited to:

  • students of color
  • low-income students
  • 1st generation in college (neither parent graduated)

We can assist eligible students through the Extended Admissions Process. If you think you might qualify, please contact us at (541) 737-3628 or email Raina Martinez at [email protected]

Appeals for students ineligible to enroll at a previous institution

Appeals for applicants denied admission to Oregon State University due to an applicant’s inability to re-enroll at a previous institution because of a student conduct issue may be submitted directly to Noah Buckley, Director of Admissions at [email protected]. Appeals must include a personal statement explaining the events leading to the disciplinary action, the resulting sanction issued by the prior institution, and a written release allowing OSU to contact the prior institution regarding the applicant’s disciplinary history. Appeals must also include a reflection paper describing what the applicant has learned as a result of the underlying incident, and any additional mitigating circumstances the applicant would like to be considered. Failure to submit all of these materials will result in the appeal being denied.