START is a program hosted in the summer in Corvallis, Oregon where students can receive academic advising and register for the fall term classes.  Knowing that international students have limitations due to travel costs or visa restrictions, on whether or not they can make a START session in the summer, there are 3 options for you to select who you would like to be advised and register for your fall term classes.  

The options below are only for fully admitted degree-seeking undergraduate students, F-1 or J-1 visa holders:

  1. Attend START: If you are able, we encourage you to attend an on-campus summer START program. Register here.
  2. International Online Orientation: If you are unable to come to Corvallis due to visa limitations then you then you are eligible for online orientation. Please note if you are currently in the US or are able to travel to the US then you are not eligible to do the online orientation. Online orientation is available May 1st - August 30th. If not completed prior to August 30th, then you will need to attend Advising/Registration in the Fal
  3. Advising/Registration in the Fall: If you are unable to come to campus or complete the International Online Orientation, then you will be able to see an advisor and register for classes when you come to Corvallis in September for New International Student Orientation.

All new international students must attend New International Student Orientation in the fall, even if you participate in option #1 or option #2 above. 

Undergraduate Pathway Progressor and Academic English Progressor Students

If you will be progressing to OSU during summer or fall 2017 from the INTO OSU Undergraduate Pathway program, you can do one of the following options in order to register for fall term classes:

  1. Attend a Transfer START session during the summer.  You are considered a Transfer student, so if you come to a summer START session, be sure it is a Transfer Session.  Those are held on June 22, July 12, July 26, and August 30.  Register for START.
  2. Advising/Registration in the Fall.  If you are unable to do option #1 or #2 then you can receive advising and register for fall term classes when you attend the International Student Orientation in the fall. 

For orientation inqurires, contact Madison Webb for undergraduate pathway information and Emily Dunn for graduate pathway information.

Please note: Undergraduate Pathway progressor students should not take the International Online Orientation.