Coming to OSU is an exciting experience for most students, but new places can be intimidating and learning a new language while trying to make friends along the way is a big challenge. Luckily, an ambitious group of former INTO OSU students aims to make it easier!

The INTO OSU Student Success Association (IOSSA) was founded by three former INTO OSU students, all of whom are now studying at OSU. They wanted to help INTO OSU students feel at home, get involved on campus and succeed in their classes.

After conceiving the idea, Zhiyao Ma, Yao Li and Qu Zhang approached INTO OSU to get help in planning and creating the IOSSA. INTO OSU Student Engagement Coordinator Casey Glick helped the three students guide their vision, developing academic coaching activities, creating connections to OSU colleges and advisors and ensuring they weren’t duplicating other campus services. From there, other members were added. These “director” positions form the core leadership of the IOSSA. Ten directors make up the IOSSA leadership:

  • President
    Qu Zhang, from China
  • Vice-Presidents
    Yao Li and Zhiyao Ma, from China
  • Director of Human Resources
    Wakana Gotto, from Japan
  • Director of Activities
    Ahmed Alsaibati, from Saudi Arabia, and Berk Ahishalioglu, from Turkey
  • Director of Academic Success
    Kiyomi Ide and Kana Hoshi, both from Japan
  • Director of University Relations
    Abdulrahman Alsulain, from Saudi Arabia
  • Director of Culture Engagement
    Xiaole Shi, from China

With a great vision, a well-organized plan and determined leadership, the IOSSA began the process of becoming an official OSU student organization. That process is already complete, and they’ve already gone to work! Their first official meeting attracted more than 40 students, surpassing expectations. Next up, the group attended ISOSU’s Game Night, encouraging INTO OSU students to meet new people, make great connections and have fun. More events are in the works. If you’d like to learn more about the IOSSA, visit them on Facebook.