Be sure to VisitToday's business leaders operate in an environment where good citizenship and a good reputation are not just virtues — they can be as important as profit and loss to a company's success. Oregon State University students are taught by faculty members who understand that good business practices equal good business. As a result, many of our graduates have moved on to executive and management positions at Fortune 500 corporations, entrepreneurial startups and everything in between. If this path sounds appealing, your Oregon State business education can open doors for you.

At the same time, Oregon State is especially geared toward training future business owners — and we have more than our share of current entrepreneurs, too. If you’re interested in running your own business, we offer a variety of business programs to help you, including a live-in entrepreneurship program designed for students looking to establish and develop their own companies.

Business-focused Undergraduate Degree Programs at Oregon State:

College of Agricultural Sciences
Agricultural Business Management
Environmental Economics & Policy
Sustainability Double Degree
College of Business

AASCB Accredited Programs

  • Accounting
  • Business Information Systems
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Finance
  • Innovation Management Double Degree
  • International Business
  • Management
  • Marketing

Design & Human Development

  • Graphic Design
  • Design and Innovation Management
  • Merchandising Management

College of Engineering
Construction Engineering Management
College of Forestry
Forestry, Management Option
Recreation Resource Management
Renewable Materials Marketing & Management
Tourism & Outdoor Leadership
College of Public Health & Human Sciences
Health Management & Policy
Nutrition & Foodservice Systems
College of Liberal Arts

  • Managerial Economics
  • Law, Economics & Policy
  • Mathematical Economics

New Media Communications

  • Media Management

The College of Business focuses on excellence and research-based instruction that prepares students for working in a global and knowledge-based economy. Along with nationally recognized faculty, the college offers distinguished programs in entrepreneurship and family business.

Seed Money: Scholarships

As you know, you have to invest money to make money. Fortunately, a number of scholarships are available for new and continuing students through the colleges and departments that offer business programs. Most scholarships are awarded based on information in the Oregon State scholarship application submitted with your application for admission, but others require special applications. The application deadline for university scholarships is Feb. 1. Be sure to check with your college and department on the deadlines for other scholarships you might be eligible for.

Setting up Shop


Students can gain leadership experience and professional contacts by participating in their college’s professional and student organizations. Oregon State programs will help prepare you for your future, whether that involves going directly into a business career or attending graduate school first.

Get InvolvedAustin Entrepreneurship To Learn Program

Oregon State’s own entrepreneurial incubator, this innovative live-in academic program provides opportunities for students from all disciplines who are developing or nurturing their own businesses. A College of Business faculty member and visiting professionals live in Weatherford Hall alongside students, teaching and assisting in the student businesses. In addition to residential rooms, the renovated residence hall features a cyber café, business incubator spaces, a library, seminar rooms, and apartments for visiting faculty and business leaders. The Weatherford experience complements the other formal and informal entrepreneurial opportunities in the business and engineering colleges.

Other Academic Programs

Oregon State offers a resource-rich environment that encourages you to take advantage of opportunities like the Honors College, National Student Exchange and Study Abroad programs. Because many businesses cross national borders, international experience can be especially valuable. The College of Business sponsors exchange programs for its majors in Australia, Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Hong Kong, Norway, Sweden and Thailand. Students with business-related majors can also participate in university-sponsored international study programs in some 20 other countries. Oregon State's Austin Family Business Program is one of the top five family business programs in the United States. Students can take advantage of this in-house expertise by enrolling in a family business course and participating in community seminars.

Student involvement is an important part of an Oregon State education. In addition to clubs and organizations that can help you get leadership experience, Oregon State Investment Group (OSIG) members learn how to develop a portfolio strategy, analyze data, understand the trade process and protect their portfolio. Club members must demonstrate their money management skills to the club’s donors, much like real money managers do with their investor clients.


In business, as with much of life, experience is the key to success. The on-the-job experience provided by an internship can be invaluable to your business education. An internship in a field that interests you will make you more work-ready when you graduate and can give you a head start on other students. You may even find a career opportunity through your internship connections. Your professors, department and college, as well as Oregon State Career Services, can help you set up an internship.

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