Arts and social sciences faculty members are  creative problem solversCreative thinkers and problem solvers make the world a much more interesting place, enhance quality of life in our communities and add value to businesses. Pursuing an education in the arts and humanities can help spark your creativity while building critical thinking, communication and life skills. It's also an excellent career strategy. Employers increasingly look for people who combine well-rounded academic backgrounds with hands-on learning beyond the classroom. That comprehensive experience is exactly what you'll find at Oregon State University. Our liberal arts curriculum will help you develop and improve your skills, whether your talents lie in design, drawing, writing or performance. In the humanities and social sciences, you'll learn to work with people and families, improving their lives and communities. Whatever your focus, Oregon State offers strong academic programs taught by experienced professors who are both active professionals in their fields and committed teachers who want to see you succeed.

Undergraduate Degree Programs at Oregon State:

College of Agricultural Sciences
Environmental Economics & Policy

  • Environmental Economics
  • Environmental Policy
  • Human Dimensions in Natural Resources

    General Option

Sustainability (Double Degree)
College of Business
Apparel Design
Graphic Design

Interior Design

  • Housing Studies

College of Forestry
Recreation Resource Management
Natural Resources

  • Conservation and Technology
  • Human Dimensions in Natural Resources

    Human Dimensions in Natural Resources(Ecampus)

  • Individualized Specialty Option (Ecampus)
  • Law Enforcement and Natural Resources
  • Natural Resouce Policy and Management (Ecampus)
  • Recreation and Tourism Management
  • Urban Forest Landscapes (Ecampus)

Renewable Materials

  • Management and Marketing
  • Human Dimensions in Natural Resources

    Art and Design

Tourism and Outdoor Leadership (OSU-Cascades)

    College of Public Health and Human Sciences
    Human Development & Family Sciences

    • Child Development
    • Human Services

    International Studies Double Degree

    College of Liberal Arts

    • Archaeology/Physical Anthropology
    • Biocultural Anthropology
    • Cultural Anthropology
    • General Anthropology


    • Art History
    • Fine Arts
    • Photography
    • Studio Art BFA
    • Photography and Digital Studio BFA

    Digital Communication Arts

    • Multimedia
    • New Media Communications
    • Writing


    • Law, Economics & Policy
    • Managerial Economics
    • Mathematical Economics

    Ethnic Studies


    Law (3+3)
    Liberal Studies


    • Instrumental Performance
    • Music Education
    • Music Production
    • Piano Performance
    • Vocal Performance

    Political Science

    • Environmental Politics and Policy
    • International Affairs
    • Law, Politics and Society

    Religious Studies

    • Crime and Justice
    • Environmental & Natural Resources

    Speech Communication

    • Communication
    • Theater Arts

    Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies

    • Queer Studies

      Oregon State's programs in the arts and social sciences will give you the fundamentals you need for a career in any of a wide range of fields. Many businesses choose to hire people educated in the arts and social sciences because those graduates are well rounded and have taken the opportunity to develop life skills.

      Arts and social sciences faculty members are creative problem solvers and outstanding teachers. They have won many of the university's top awards for teaching and advising.

      Careers: Choose Your Own Path

      A degree in arts and social sciences from Oregon State is the first step toward a rewarding career -- and your options are as varied and fluid as your imagination. You can design houses, clothing or furniture. Bring ideas to life through teaching or research. Create websites or video games. Connect people and products as a sales, advertising or public relations professional. Express your creativity through the performing arts. You might also pursue a career in business, politics or law. You could work in a federal, state or local government agency, a nonprofit or other community organization. You can also get a head start on your career with learning experiences beyond the classroom. For example, study abroad programs give you the opportunity to travel, broaden your perspectives and gain new skills through classes and hands-on learning. You'll find many employers prefer to hire people with international experience and knowledge of other cultures.

      preparationWe recognize that some of your best learning will be out of the classroom -- and sometimes far from your Oregon State classrooms. Study abroad programs are a popular way for students to gain new skills and new perspectives; international understanding and cultural awareness are invaluable in many fields today.

      Preparation: Getting Ready

      A successful career in the arts and sciences starts with a wellbalanced college preparatory curriculum. Classes in English and speech will help sharpen your writing and communication abilities, and you should also have fundamental computer skills. If you're interested in a field that involves working with and helping people, take advantage of extracurricular and volunteer activities to develop your social and leadership skills. All Oregon State arts and social sciences programs are designed to prepare you for going directly into a career or attending a graduate or professional school. The gaming lab, part of Oregon State's evolutionary New Media program, gives students hands-on experience with digital media they are studying, developing or creating. "The jobs we're going to get -- they haven't even invented them yet," says David Nicholas, a junior in the lab who has a summer internship with Intel. Oregon State's nationally respected graphic design program provides strong career preparation through classes and studio work. It is the largest such program in the Pacific Northwest.

      Internships: A Preview of Things to Come

      student on thier intershipLearning by doing is one of the best ways to prepare for a career, and internships are increasingly important for landing a great job after college. An internship in a field that interests you will give you invaluable on-the job-experience, professional contacts and, in some cases, a job offer after graduation. Thanks to the breadth of arts and social sciences, you'll find a wide range of internship opportunities. You might work at the Oregon Legislature, state and local government agencies, law firms, newspapers, radio and television stations, design firms or apparel companies. You may even have the opportunity to complete an internship overseas with a variety of international companies. Your professors, department and college, as well as Oregon State's Career Services, can help you organize an internship.

      a student teacher at workScholarships: Can We Lend a Hand?

      College is a great investment, but an expensive one. Arts and social sciences programs offer numerous scholarships through the various colleges and programs. Special applications are required for some scholarships; others are awarded based on information in the Oregon State scholarship application submitted with your application for admission. The application deadline for university scholarships is Feb. 1. Be sure to check with your college and department on the deadlines for other scholarships you might be eligible for.

      Students in arts and social sciences often participate in the Honors College, National Student Exchange and Study Abroad programs. Such programs offer challenges and academic training to support your intellectual, professional and personal growth. They can also be fun.

      Law school preparation: Learning to Litigate

      If you're thinking of a career in law, Oregon State offers excellent preparation for law school by helping you hone your logic, writing and critical reasoning skills. In addition, through a unique 3+3 partnership with Willamette University in Salem, you can complete your first three years in Oregon State's College of Liberal Arts, then transfer to Willamette's College of Law. Your first-year law classes will fulfill your remaining undegraduate credits, followed by two more years of law school. That means you can earn your bachelor's degree from Oregon State and your law degree from Willamette, all in six years. More pre-law information can be found at College of Liberal Arts


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